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Dear Member,

I am pleased to inform you that the 2019 2nd Webinar will be held on June 24th at the following time:

08:00 — 09:30 London
09:00 — 10:30 Sweden
00:00 — 01:30 San Francisco
03:00 — 04:30 New York
15:00 — 16:30 Hong Kong, Singapore and Beijing
16:00 — 17:30 Tokyo
14:00 — 15:30 Bandung

The webinar will be Chaired by Dr. Yuefeng Zhang, Assistant Professor of The Education University of Hong Kong, a Council member of The World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS). She has conducted training of Learning Study and Variation Theory in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Sweden, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Austria, Italy, Kazakhstan since 2006. This webinar has lined up three most influential educators of Variation Theory to introduce the theory and its practices, Prof Ference Marton, who has invented Variation Theory (VT), Prof Mun Ling LO, who has applied and developed VT in Hong Kong, and Mr Henrik Hansson, who leads teachers to use VT in daily teaching in Sweden.

Webinar Title: Variation Theory for better teaching and learning in Learning Study

Variation Theory is the underpinning theory of Learning Study, which makes Learning Study learning-focused and a unique type of Lesson Study. This webinar introduces Variation Theory and its implications for teaching and learning, its application in creating conditions for student learning in different subjects in Hong Kong and its integration in teachers’ daily teaching via the Subject Didactics Group structure in Sweden.

The ninety-minute webinar will be organized as follows:

Time Speaker Title
5 mins Ellen Introduction
20 mins Ference «Teaching one thing at a time or several things together?» Introduction to the Variation theory of learning.
20 mins Mun Ling Variation Theory in practice
20 mins Henrik Teachers applying Variation Theory in their daily work via Subject Didactic Groups in Sweden
20 mins Audience et al Q & A
5 mins Ellen Conclusion

Short bio’s of the presenters:

Prof Ference Marton is the father of Variation Theory, a founding member of the WALS and a Professor Emeritus of Gothenburg University. His invention of the Theory has derived from a genuine interest and passion for student learning, his sharp wisdom about the necessary conditions for effective learning and continuous support to teacher professional development all the world. He has published numerous influential articles and books on Variation Theory, including two most quoted books, “Learning and Awareness” and “Necessary Conditions of Learning”.

Prof Mun Ling Lo is a founding member of the WALS and was elected its first president in 2006. She was formerly Professor and Director of Field Experience and Head of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the Hong Kong Education University. After retirement, she had been an adjunct professor of the Hong Kong Education University, honourable professor of the Faculty of Education of the Hong Kong University, and co-editor of the International Journal of Lesson and Learning Studies (IJLLS). She is known for her pioneering work on Learning Study since 2000 and her book ‘Variation Theory and the Improvement of Teaching and Learning’, which is initially written in Chinese, has been translated and published in three other languages: English, German and Swedish. She is now Director of Lo and Lo Educational Consultancy Ltd., which supports the development of learning study in Hong Kong schools.

Mr Henrik Hansson is one of the founders of Subject Didactics Groups (SDG), a PhD candidate at Jonkoping University and a member of The Variation theory/phenomenography Group at Gothenburg University. He and Maria Bergqvist have been the most significant teacher leaders in training and supporting thousands of subject leaders and teachers to apply Variation Theory in enhancing learning and teaching in Swedish schools since 2009 via Learning Study and SDG. The SDG structure is an adapted form of Lesson/Learning study to suit daily teaching in order to create a sustainable culture of teachers collaboratively develop their daily teaching for students learning systematically guided by Variation theory.

Kindly register your attendance at If you have any questions about the topic, you may let us know in your registration for our preparation for a tailor-made webinar. Or you can send us the questions during the webinar for answers in the Q&A session.

We look forward to your participation!

Best Regards

WALS Administrator

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