The second educational tour of Nur-Sultan teachers to Japan has been successfully finished

Within the “Educational tourism to Japan” project from 17 to 19 February 2020, the Center of Excellence organized a delegation of school principals and teachers of Nur-Sultan secondary schools in the workshop “Lesson Study: Japanese schools experience” (Tokyo). Trainers of CoE Baigarinova J. and Idrisheva Z. accompanied the delegation by carrying out guidance and organization of events. The aim of the educational tour was the study of Lesson Study organization and conducting experience in the Japanese educational system.

The delegation visited workshops of the Ministry of education of leading Japanese specialists in the field of Lesson Study of Mr. Toshia Chichibu, the senior researcher of National Institute of Educational Research (NIER) and Mr. Masatsugu Murase, director of Ajabu Institute of education, international consultant and expert on implementing Lesson Study in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Myanmar “Learning from children. Meaning of “Observation” in Lesson Study”.

Our colleagues had a chance to participate in the lesson discussion in Inaridai primary school (Yokohama) and Kamitabashi secondary school. Teachers from various schools in Tokyo took part in in lesson discussion, as Kamitabashi is the expert school in Lesson Study. Concluding the results, teachers gave constructive proposals to each other, shared ideas on how to make it differently with other colleagues’ opinions.

Finishing the educational tour, the delegation members emphasized the practical significance of the experience exchange and noted that they understood Lesson Study approach from a different perspective. They highly appreciated the level of self-regulation, effective time-management and compliance with discussion rules in Japanese schools.

The interesting cultural programme included the visit of monuments of architecture and sightseeing of Japan.

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