The Center of Excellence at the EDCrunch Glocal

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On December 7-8, 2021, for the first time Almaty hosted the annual International Conference on Technologies in Education – EDCrunch Glocal. Participation of the Center of Excellence of “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” AEO in the sessions of the world’s largest conference has become a tradition. This year the Center organised 2 sessions.

Trainers S.A.Zholdasbaeva and R.G.Ramazanov successfully conducted a case-session on theme: “Management recipe with ADKAR taste, or How to manage effectively”, in which they offered cases with real problematic situations from organization practice on achievement and evaluation of expected results of school development plan realization. A solution for innovation in teaching and learning practice based on the theory of change and the ADKAR methodology was presented in an interactive way.

During the pedagogical battle “Explore not explore” led by coaches E.M. Rahmail and Y.G.Melnikova, participants presented arguments for and against teacher research activities at school, revealed secrets of the most effective approach to Lesson Study based on Japanese practice and shared unique experience of implementing the Lesson Study approach in Kazakhstan.

Twenty employees of the Center participated in a local studio in Almaty and more than 150 people had the opportunity to connect online.

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