On May 30-31 2019, the workshop “Expanding opportunities of Lesson Study to improve teaching methods, curriculum, learners’ achievements, and system effectiveness” is being held in Nur-Sultan for the trainers of Center of Excellence.

The workshop is aimed at the professional development of trainers on application of Lesson Study approach by the teachers of mainstream schools.

The workshop speaker – Peter Dudley – is the President of the World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS), a lecturer in Leadership and Learning at Cambridge (UK) and Director of Education in the London Borough of Camden (UK). Peter Dudley is one of the researchers who implemented Lesson Study in Great Britain in 2001 and an author of the handbook for teachers “Lesson study: theory and practice”.

There are five sessions with plenaries and informal discussions on the key research topics in the workshop programme.

The workshop agenda and discussions include the following key questions:

–        creating knowledge forms while planning, observing and analyzing Lesson Study;

–        the importance of knowledge forms in the study of approaches to the analysis and synthesis of results;

–        analysis of the Lesson Study findings at schools;

–        evaluation of the Lesson Study implication (teaching based on the successful assessment models);

–        planning a meta-study of lessons, data collection and analysis; support for the “Lesson Study Development” communities and the process of systemic learning, evaluation of Lesson Study impact.

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  • Elaine Wilson| 12.07.2019

    аудиторияда көптеген әріптестерді көруге соншалықты тамаша
    Мен сіз туралы жиі ойлаймын
    Сізге жақсы тілектер
    Sizge jaqsı tilekter
    так замечательно видеть так много коллег в аудитории
    Я часто думаю о вас всех
    хорошие пожелания тебе
    Элейн Уилсон

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