Notification of regional scientific-practical conference of the branch of the Center of Pedagogical Mastery of Atyrau city

In accordance with the plan of the branch of the CPM “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” of Atyrau, 14 December 2021 a regional online scientific-practical conference on “Lesson study: the experience of Kazakhstani schools” was organized.

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The purpose of the conference:

– Improving the learning and learning practices of teachers of secondary schools of Atyrau region by disseminating the experience of studying the lesson.

– To create conditions for the development of teaching culture of teachers.

– To support the growth and pedagogical initiatives of his professional skills through the study of their personal experience of teachers.

Conference Tasks:

 “Lesson study”: contribute to the clearest development of concepts of creativity and scientific accuracy;

 Assist in the exchange of knowledge and accumulated experience on the study of the lesson through the creation of a collaborative environment;

 Creating conditions for the development of skills to introduce effective methods of introduction and implementation of the method of “Lesson study”.

Called guests to the conference:

  • Baimasheva DK – Director of the Methodical Center of Atyrau Regional Department of Education;
  • Ulttanbayeva SE – Nur-Sultan K. Senior Manager of PCO.
  • Adilzhanova DA – Ust-Kamenogorsk Senior Manager of PCO branch.
  • Seisenbayeva Zh.Sh., an expert teacher at the IN Nazarbayev Intellectual School of IV Nur-Sultan.
  • Mashinets T.V., an expert teacher at the IV Nazarbayev Intellectual School of IV Nur-Sultan.
  • Imantsharipova A.Zh., an expert teacher at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of IV Nur-Sultan.

Specialists of the Atyrau regional methodical center, specialists of the Atyrau regional methodical center, directors of secondary schools, school coaches on the study of lessons, deputy principals for methodical work, teachers-researchers at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Atyrau  and teachers of secondary schools were participated. A total of 300 teachers took part in the conference.

The conference was held in the plenary session, discussion area, master classes and exchange of experience.

  1. On the discussion area – how teachers can improve teaching skills through the method of Lesson Study? Senior Manager, Saparova, CPM of Atyrau presented her work.
  2. According to master classes – “Lesson study – the basis of effective training” R. Dauletova Director of the secondary school named after M. Auezov. “Barriers to the lesson research group and effective ways to solve it.” Korganbayeva is a teacher of secondary school №2. “Lesson Study is a way of cooperation in the development of teachers’ experience.” Zhalgasbayeva A, Zubkhanov M – teacher of secondary school named after H. Sanbayev district of Makat district. “The computer study composition”. Utshaeva C, Kadyralievna Akdigalieva defended his teachers of the secondary school named after Zh.Myrgaliyev.
  3. According to the research in action, the following works were protected to share the experience of Atyrau in the activities of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School.

Izbambetova G.N. – “How can we work effectively?”

Kosanov R.P. – “Ways to increase the interest of the student through differentiated tasks.”

Shamedenova L.Kh. How can we raise the quality of education of students who scored below the Effective Methods of Research?

Beisenbekova GS – How can reverse design approach reduce differences in summative assessment outcomes?

Duzadbayeva A, Zholdasbayeva AA – How does the use of a problem-oriented learning model in the fields of integrated CSM and geography affect the development of creative thinking of students?

Shaikhieva N.Sh.- How to get to work time through ways to assess class students through criteria-based assessment of class stud

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