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On November 4, 2021, the Taraz branch of the Center for Teaching Excellence held a regional scientific and practical online conference on the topic “LESSON STUDY: THE EXPERIENCE OF SCHOOLS IN KAZAKHSTAN”.

The purpose of the conference was to show and disseminate the results of the study of teachers of secondary schools as part of the implementation of the Lesson Study in Kazakhstan, to form the sustainability of the lesson research method in the region, to consider the stages of research in various formats and to exchange experience based on the results of the implementation of the lesson method.

The conference was attended by the management and teaching staff of regional educational organizations, school supervisors, teachers of pedagogical higher (special) educational institutions.

The participants were presented with 5 works during the plenary session, where the results of the research work of the school team were presented, starting with the methods of organizing the research process of the lesson.

In three sessions devoted to the practice of teachers involved in the study of the educational process, 15 teachers shared the results of their research and offered effective practice to the conference attendees. Branch trainers Tortaeva G.B., Altaeva Sh.K., Zhurunova A.Sh. moderated the work of the conference.

In addition, in the course of the conference, under the heading “Coaching life stories”, the trainers of the branch: Tortaeva G.B., Toktaganova A.S., Altaeva Sh.K., Zhurunova A.Sh. coaching was conducted using the lesson research method.

The work of the conference was completed by the “Free Microphone”, organized by the moderator N.M. Turysbekova, with a conversation with the participants and dedicated to their opinions and suggestions.

The regional scientific and practical conference outlined new directions for the development of the pedagogical community involved in the study of the lesson in the region.

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