Lesson study in a professional networking environment

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The poster presents the experience of collaboration between one of the leading schools of the Almaty region (Republic of Kazakhstan), secondary school No. 2 in Kapshagai, with other schools in the city within the framework of the Lesson Study

The aim of this work is to analyze the mechanism of using the Lesson study as an effective tool for conducting joint research with partner schools in order to create and sustain professional communities of teachers aimed at improving the teaching and learning in the region.

The poster presents the model of interaction between teachers within and beyond the school with the aim of jointly conducting Lesson Study and analyzing the process of collaboration. At the same time, the poster presents some results of identified collaboration, in particular, the creation of Kapshagai Association of Lesson Study (KALS), the functioning of a special website, the publication of the annual printed and electronic journal aimed at presenting research results and tools for teaching.

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