Lesson Study and Kazakhstan – status quo and perspectives

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On November 29, 2021, another WALS (World Association of Lesson Studies) International Online Conference entitled “Revisiting Lesson and Learning Studies: Accessibility, Quality, and Sustainability” began in Macao. Traditionally, it is a globally recognized platform for educators and researchers from around the world to share their experiences.

The Center of Excellence of “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” AEO (Center) annually participates in the events as a permanent member of WALS.

Today, for the first time, Kazakhstan, represented by the Center, held a symposium with participation of more than 100 experts and researchers, where 4 trainers acted as keynote speakers. The symposium was moderated by Peter Dudley, renowned scholar, PhD, President of WALS, associate professor of the University of Cambridge (UK).

The results of the research carried out within the framework of the “Lesson Study in Kazakhstan” project were presented, the specifics of the impact of distance learning on research process, their difficulties and solutions, as well as the conditions for introducing this approach into professional networking were discussed.

At the end of the symposium, Peter Dudley, summing up the discussion, highly appreciated the CoE’s Lesson Study project. According to the expert, teacher research should form the basis of Kazakhstan’s national education policy and influence changes in the national curriculum, pedagogy, androgogy and the evaluation system.

A total of 12 trainers of the CoE will present the results of their research at the conference.

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Symposium WALS 2021 full version

WALS 2021 Saparova, Ungarova

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