The World Association of Lesson Studies has held its regular Expert Council meeting

On 19 September 2022, a regular meeting of the World Association of Lesson Studies Expert Council was held.

The Council consists of 28 members. Among them is Tauilya Akimova, a representative of the Center of Excellence.

The agenda included changes to the constitution of the World Association of Lesson Studies in 2020, the venue of the WALS international conference in 2023, the annual report of the association and the re-election of its members.

It should be noted that the Center of Excellence has been an official member of the World Association of Lesson Studies Expert Council since 2015.

Lesson Study Kazakhstan expands its boundaries

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Within a framework of the large-scale project of the Center of Excellence NIS “Lesson Study Kazakhstan” from July 12 -15, 2022 an educational tour for teachers of Bilimkana School network in Kyrgyzstan to Nur-Sultan city was organised.

A special feature of this project is a unique opportunity for teachers to enhance their professional development by using the Lesson Study approach, share experiences with colleagues and enjoy an extensive cultural programme.

On the first day of the workshop “Lesson Study – an effective tool for teachers’ professional development”, participants together with the CoE trainer Raushan Abisheva considered the areas of teachers’ professional development, identified research problems, as well as features of lesson observation.

Case session on Lesson Study “Focus on the school lesson”

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On November 11 the case-session “School lesson in the focus of attention” was held within the framework of the XII International Research-to-Practice Conference “Family, School and Community: Thinking and Acting for a Child”.

More than 1000 participants were involved in the work of the session. Hiroyuki Kuno, professor, international expert, one of the founders of the World Association for Lesson Studies (WALS, Japan), was the key speaker.

During the case-session, the speaker provided expert feedback on the participants’ findings during the hands-on activities. Teachers actively interacted in 10 session rooms. Conducting a focused observation of lesson’s fragments and discussing them together allowed to see what skills are necessary for high-quality observation of a lesson, how to construct a reflective analysis, and what methods of interpreting the results are effective.

The results of the research conducted by the Center of Excellence as part of the implementation of the Lesson Study approach in the schools of Kazakhstan were presented. The conclusions and recommendations were announced, and the factors contributing to the changes in teachers’ practice were outlined as well.

The first CoE symposium at the WALS International Conference

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On November 29, 2021, another WALS (World Association of Lesson Studies) International Online Conference entitled “Revisiting Lesson and Learning Studies: Accessibility, Quality, and Sustainability” began in Macao. Traditionally, it is a globally recognized platform for educators and researchers from around the world to share their experiences.

The Center of Excellence of “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” AEO (Center) annually participates in the events as a permanent member of WALS.

Today, for the first time, Kazakhstan, represented by the Center, held a symposium with participation of more than 100 experts and researchers, where 4 trainers acted as keynote speakers. The symposium was moderated by Peter Dudley, renowned scholar, PhD, President of WALS, associate professor of the University of Cambridge (UK).

The results of the research carried out within the framework of the “Lesson Study in Kazakhstan” project were presented, the specifics of the impact of distance learning on research process, their difficulties and solutions, as well as the conditions for introducing this approach into professional networking were discussed.

At the end of the symposium, Peter Dudley, summing up the discussion, highly appreciated the CoE’s Lesson Study project. According to the expert, teacher research should form the basis of Kazakhstan’s national education policy and influence changes in the national curriculum, pedagogy, androgogy and the evaluation system.

A total of 12 trainers of the CoE will present the results of their research at the conference.

The Center of Excellence at the EDCrunch Glocal

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On December 7-8, 2021, for the first time Almaty hosted the annual International Conference on Technologies in Education – EDCrunch Glocal. Participation of the Center of Excellence of “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” AEO in the sessions of the world’s largest conference has become a tradition. This year the Center organised 2 sessions.

Trainers S.A.Zholdasbaeva and R.G.Ramazanov successfully conducted a case-session on theme: “Management recipe with ADKAR taste, or How to manage effectively”, in which they offered cases with real problematic situations from organization practice on achievement and evaluation of expected results of school development plan realization. A solution for innovation in teaching and learning practice based on the theory of change and the ADKAR methodology was presented in an interactive way.

During the pedagogical battle “Explore not explore” led by coaches E.M. Rahmail and Y.G.Melnikova, participants presented arguments for and against teacher research activities at school, revealed secrets of the most effective approach to Lesson Study based on Japanese practice and shared unique experience of implementing the Lesson Study approach in Kazakhstan.

Twenty employees of the Center participated in a local studio in Almaty and more than 150 people had the opportunity to connect online.

LESSON STUDY FEST 2021. «Lesson Study: the experience of Kazakhstani schools»

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On June 11, 2021, the IV city scientific-practical conference “Lesson study: the experience of Kazakhstani schools”, organized by the Center of Excellence of the AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools”, was held online.

The conference was attended by representatives of the Center of the Modernization of Education in Nur-Sultan, trainers of the branches of the Center of Excellence of the AEO “NIS”, principals and teachers of secondary schools in Nur-Sultan.

Deputy Director of the Center of the Modernization of Education in Nur-Sultan, Abisheva G.T. in the course of her speech noted the productivity and efficiency of Lesson studies conducted by teachers. Trainer of the Center of Excellence’s branch in Ust-Kamenogorsk, candidate for Ph.D. in Education at Deusto University (Bilbao, Spain), Khokhotva O.I. talked about the possibilities of Lesson study transformation in an online context. Principal of the school-gymnasium №69 in Nur-Sultan, Ablezov M.S. shared his experience in conducting and implementing a Lesson study in a distance learning conditions.

The participants were greatly interested in the video footage from five secondary schools in the capital. Lesson study has become an integral part of the in-school process of improving teachers’ professional skills, current LS classrooms have been opened as well. Teachers presented the results of Lesson studies at a virtual poster exhibition. The winners were awarded diplomas and certificates. The work in the tracks was productive, the participants discussed the topics of planning, observing lessons, professional transformations in teaching and the results of Lesson Study application. The section “Dialogues about LS” in the session rooms allowed each participant to express an opinion about the impact of the approach on their own practice and about changes in teaching due to joint work with colleagues.

At the end of the conference, the results of the quiz “Lesson study-breakfast – 2021” were summed up. The winners were invited to breakfast with the experts of Lesson Study Kazakhstan.

The second educational tour of Nur-Sultan teachers to Japan has been successfully finished

Within the “Educational tourism to Japan” project from 17 to 19 February 2020, the Center of Excellence organized a delegation of school principals and teachers of Nur-Sultan secondary schools in the workshop “Lesson Study: Japanese schools experience” (Tokyo). Trainers of CoE Baigarinova J. and Idrisheva Z. accompanied the delegation by carrying out guidance and organization of events. The aim of the educational tour was the study of Lesson Study organization and conducting experience in the Japanese educational system.

The delegation visited workshops of the Ministry of education of leading Japanese specialists in the field of Lesson Study of Mr. Toshia Chichibu, the senior researcher of National Institute of Educational Research (NIER) and Mr. Masatsugu Murase, director of Ajabu Institute of education, international consultant and expert on implementing Lesson Study in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Myanmar “Learning from children. Meaning of “Observation” in Lesson Study”.

Our colleagues had a chance to participate in the lesson discussion in Inaridai primary school (Yokohama) and Kamitabashi secondary school. Teachers from various schools in Tokyo took part in in lesson discussion, as Kamitabashi is the expert school in Lesson Study. Concluding the results, teachers gave constructive proposals to each other, shared ideas on how to make it differently with other colleagues’ opinions.

Finishing the educational tour, the delegation members emphasized the practical significance of the experience exchange and noted that they understood Lesson Study approach from a different perspective. They highly appreciated the level of self-regulation, effective time-management and compliance with discussion rules in Japanese schools.

The interesting cultural programme included the visit of monuments of architecture and sightseeing of Japan.

“Lesson Study: the Experience of Kazakhstani Schools”

On 1-2 October 2020 Center of Excellence AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” conducted online III research-to-practice conference “Lesson Study: the experience of Kazakhstani schools”, at which the research results of the participants of the “Lesson Study Kazakhstan” project were presented.

The annual guests of the conference were the famous scientists and educators: Peter Dudley, PhD, the President of WALS (World Association of Lesson Studies), Professor Emeritus of Leicester University (UK), and Toshiya Chichibu, MA, lecturer of National Institute for Educational Policy Research (Japan).

More than 200 teachers and leaders of secondary schools, Intellectual schools, as well as teachers of the Humanitarian College of Nur-Sultan attended the conference. Within two days, more than sixty speakers made reports. In addition, 19 speakers took part in the poster session.

In order to exchange opinions, the following thematic platforms were created: “Organization of the Lesson Study Process in the Context of Digital Pedagogy”, “Joint Research of Subject Teachers”, “Being a Pro with a Lesson Study: My Story”, “Lesson Study: Students’ Results”, “Lesson Study: insights and pedagogical discoveries ”.

The virtual exhibition of the research results and quiz were organized. The winner will be awarded.


On May 30-31 2019, the workshop “Expanding opportunities of Lesson Study to improve teaching methods, curriculum, learners’ achievements, and system effectiveness” is being held in Nur-Sultan for the trainers of Center of Excellence.

The workshop is aimed at the professional development of trainers on application of Lesson Study approach by the teachers of mainstream schools.

The workshop speaker – Peter Dudley – is the President of the World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS), a lecturer in Leadership and Learning at Cambridge (UK) and Director of Education in the London Borough of Camden (UK). Peter Dudley is one of the researchers who implemented Lesson Study in Great Britain in 2001 and an author of the handbook for teachers “Lesson study: theory and practice”.

There are five sessions with plenaries and informal discussions on the key research topics in the workshop programme.

The workshop agenda and discussions include the following key questions:

–        creating knowledge forms while planning, observing and analyzing Lesson Study;

–        the importance of knowledge forms in the study of approaches to the analysis and synthesis of results;

–        analysis of the Lesson Study findings at schools;

–        evaluation of the Lesson Study implication (teaching based on the successful assessment models);

–        planning a meta-study of lessons, data collection and analysis; support for the “Lesson Study Development” communities and the process of systemic learning, evaluation of Lesson Study impact.

Seminar “Organization of Lesson Study in school” in the city of Togliatti (Russia)

Travelling Lesson Study strides across the planet! Ideas worth spreading are spread!

Center of Excellence is expanding the circle of its friends and associates far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan. The meeting at the international educational conference “ED Crunch Moscow”, where the experience of Kazakhstani teachers in conducting research was presented, gave impetus to cooperation with teachers from Togliatti (Russia).

The seminar on the topic “Organization of Lesson Study in school” was held for a teaching staff of PEI SS “Educational Center” School” from October 31st to November 2nd, 2018. For 3 days teachers under the guidance of the trainer of the Center of Excellence Zhanna Baigarinova made a plan of their  own Lesson Study, modelled the situations, formulated research questions on the practice of teaching, developed the observation forms and methods for analyzing lessons. Special interest focused on the aspects of differentiation, deep learning pedagogy and lesson goal-setting.

The implementation of the Lesson in the daily practice of teachers of the Republic of Kazakhstan has aroused thoughtful interest and inquisitive questions from Togliatti teachers. Feedback showed a high appreciation of the workshop methods, quality of resources and style of conducting the training. In plans to continue working together in matters of teaching and learning.