“Lesson Study and functional literacy: opportunities, cooperation and perspectives”

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On the 10th of December 2021, regional conference “Lesson Study and functional literacy: opportunities, cooperation and perspectives” was held.

More than 280 educators from North-Kazakhstan region [participated in it.

The topic of the conference was not chosen accidentally. In 2022 Kazakhstan took part in PISA research therefor many teachers were concerned by the issue how to develop students’ functional literacy. That was the reason why the research projects of many schools were focusing on that problem.

During the conference not only the teachers of North-Kazakhstan region too part. During the plenary sessions the reports from colleagues from Pavlodar, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Aktobe and many others were presented. For instance, senior manager Rakhmail E. presented the materials of the symposium “Lesson Study Kazakhstan- status quo and perspectives”, which was held for world conference WALS. Senior manager Marchenko E. shared the results of the team research: “The role of facilitator in the process of Lesson study”. Also Shakyrova  Z., the director of Yakorskaya secondary school shared her experience of organizing LS because this educational institution in particular is very effective in it.

There were four sections during the conference each of which was dedicated to one of the aspects of fictional literacy:

1 section:

The development of students’ mathematical literacy, lesson observation.

2 section:

  1. The development of students’ reading literacy, lesson observation.
  2. The usage of multipurpose algorithm for work with the text for students’ reading literacy development on the lessons of History and Russian Language

3 section:

The development of students’ scientific literacy, lesson observation.

4 section:

The development of students’ creative thinking, lesson observation.

As it follows from the names of the sections, an important element of LS was discussed – lesson observation. Different instruments of lesson observation were discussed as well as weaknesses and strengths of each.

In the feedback more than 88% of all the participants stated that this conference motivated them for their own research. Many of them agreed that their knowledge and skills in the process of lesson observation and also in the field of students’ functional literacy development.


By this we can state that the conference was of great success and achieved its goals.

Regional scientific and practical conference “LESSON STUDY: EXPERIENCE OF KAZAKHSTAN SCHOOLS”

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Center of Excellence Shymkent branch, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO invites you to participate in the online scientific and practical conference “LESSON STUDY: EXPERIENCE OF KAZAKHSTAN SCHOOLS” (hereinafter referred to as the Conference), held on November 26, 2021.

Format: online

Platform: Zoom

Date: November 26, 2021

Time: 10:00 (Nur-Sultan time)

Purpose of the Conference:Improving teaching and learning, developing the research experience of secondary school teachers in Turkestan region and Shymkent city through the exchange and transmission of experience in the Lesson study process.

Objectives of the Conference:

• promote a clear understanding of the key features of the Lesson Study approach: creativity and scientific accuracy;

• to promote the exchange of skills and experience in the implementation of the Lesson Study through collaborative environment;

• create conditions for improving the skills to master effective methods of introducing and implementing the “Lesson Study” approach.

Format of the Conference: online.

Languages ​​of the Conference: Kazakh, Russian.

Participants: total 632 (speakers: 22, poster presentations: 19, organizers: 19, participants: 572)


Махашев Ержан Баяндама

Тастанова Мухабат

Кожагельдиева Улжан


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On November 4, 2021, the Taraz branch of the Center for Teaching Excellence held a regional scientific and practical online conference on the topic “LESSON STUDY: THE EXPERIENCE OF SCHOOLS IN KAZAKHSTAN”.

The purpose of the conference was to show and disseminate the results of the study of teachers of secondary schools as part of the implementation of the Lesson Study in Kazakhstan, to form the sustainability of the lesson research method in the region, to consider the stages of research in various formats and to exchange experience based on the results of the implementation of the lesson method.

The conference was attended by the management and teaching staff of regional educational organizations, school supervisors, teachers of pedagogical higher (special) educational institutions.

The participants were presented with 5 works during the plenary session, where the results of the research work of the school team were presented, starting with the methods of organizing the research process of the lesson.

In three sessions devoted to the practice of teachers involved in the study of the educational process, 15 teachers shared the results of their research and offered effective practice to the conference attendees. Branch trainers Tortaeva G.B., Altaeva Sh.K., Zhurunova A.Sh. moderated the work of the conference.

In addition, in the course of the conference, under the heading “Coaching life stories”, the trainers of the branch: Tortaeva G.B., Toktaganova A.S., Altaeva Sh.K., Zhurunova A.Sh. coaching was conducted using the lesson research method.

The work of the conference was completed by the “Free Microphone”, organized by the moderator N.M. Turysbekova, with a conversation with the participants and dedicated to their opinions and suggestions.

The regional scientific and practical conference outlined new directions for the development of the pedagogical community involved in the study of the lesson in the region.

«Ways of effective implementation of new approaches of training within the framework of updated content of education:lesson study in school practice» dialogue platform

On May 30, 2018, the branch of the Center of Excellence in Kyzylorda conducted an interactive platform on the topic «Ways of effective implem entation of new approaches of training within the framework of updated content of education: Lesson Study in school practice». The main goal of the event is to study the practical orientation of Lesson Study in the practice of innovative schools within the framework of the updated content of education, to summarize the results of the research works of the 2017–2018 school year, disseminate best practices and best research works.

Teachers and leaders of innovative schools, practicing the Lesson Study, methodologists of the city department of education and the CoE trainers took part in the dialogue platform.

The director of the Center of Excellence branch S. T. Kamalova delivered a speech at the beginning and revealed the importance of research in the practice of the teacher, focusing on the differences of scientific research from the studies of practitioners.

The coordinator of the regional educational-innovative lyceum № 10 N.Esbosyn shared her school’s experience in the study of the Lesson Study, offering valuable information on the organization of this process, its stages, on informing and reflecting the results of studies through regional mass media.

The teacher of school-lyceum № 3 E.Saidalieva shared in her presentation with the experience on the harmonious joint work of teachers within the framework of the updated content of education, of the renewed program that allows teachers to exchange experience in team spirit, solidarity of responsibility and the effectiveness of experience exchange. She noted that the results of the research conducted at school will be presented at the IX International Conference.

L.Abdraimova, the trainer of pilot school № 31 of Zhalagash region made a speech of the optimized model of the Lesson Study, which was «born» with the approbation of updated educational programs, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of this model.

Coach of the branch K. S. Abdramanova made a report on the difficulties in the research works, ways of supporting the publication of the research results, on effective aids needed for research.

In the final part of the event, the teacher-researchers analyzed the difficulties and achievements in carrying out the studies of the last academic year and determined the tasks for the forthcoming academic year. It was noted that a number of positive changes were observed in the practice of the research groups of innovation schools and the effectiveness of the work was felt.