On May 30-31 2019, the workshop “Expanding opportunities of Lesson Study to improve teaching methods, curriculum, learners’ achievements, and system effectiveness” is being held in Nur-Sultan for the trainers of Center of Excellence.

The workshop is aimed at the professional development of trainers on application of Lesson Study approach by the teachers of mainstream schools.

The workshop speaker – Peter Dudley – is the President of the World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS), a lecturer in Leadership and Learning at Cambridge (UK) and Director of Education in the London Borough of Camden (UK). Peter Dudley is one of the researchers who implemented Lesson Study in Great Britain in 2001 and an author of the handbook for teachers “Lesson study: theory and practice”.

There are five sessions with plenaries and informal discussions on the key research topics in the workshop programme.

The workshop agenda and discussions include the following key questions:

–        creating knowledge forms while planning, observing and analyzing Lesson Study;

–        the importance of knowledge forms in the study of approaches to the analysis and synthesis of results;

–        analysis of the Lesson Study findings at schools;

–        evaluation of the Lesson Study implication (teaching based on the successful assessment models);

–        planning a meta-study of lessons, data collection and analysis; support for the “Lesson Study Development” communities and the process of systemic learning, evaluation of Lesson Study impact.

Seminar “Organization of Lesson Study in school” in the city of Togliatti (Russia)

Travelling Lesson Study strides across the planet! Ideas worth spreading are spread!

Center of Excellence is expanding the circle of its friends and associates far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan. The meeting at the international educational conference “ED Crunch Moscow”, where the experience of Kazakhstani teachers in conducting research was presented, gave impetus to cooperation with teachers from Togliatti (Russia).

The seminar on the topic “Organization of Lesson Study in school” was held for a teaching staff of PEI SS “Educational Center” School” from October 31st to November 2nd, 2018. For 3 days teachers under the guidance of the trainer of the Center of Excellence Zhanna Baigarinova made a plan of their  own Lesson Study, modelled the situations, formulated research questions on the practice of teaching, developed the observation forms and methods for analyzing lessons. Special interest focused on the aspects of differentiation, deep learning pedagogy and lesson goal-setting.

The implementation of the Lesson in the daily practice of teachers of the Republic of Kazakhstan has aroused thoughtful interest and inquisitive questions from Togliatti teachers. Feedback showed a high appreciation of the workshop methods, quality of resources and style of conducting the training. In plans to continue working together in matters of teaching and learning.


Workshop «Development of research thinking through the implementation of Lesson Study. Observation, transcription and lesson analysis»

On March 26th-27th, 2018, the workshop under the title «Development of research thinking through the implementation of Lesson Study. Observation, Transcription and Lesson Analysis” with the participation of Toshiya Chichibu, a researcher at the National Institute for Educational Policy Studies (Japan, Tokyo), was held for 60 trainers of the Center of Excellence (hereinafter referred as the Center) and its branches. The purpose is to increase the effectiveness of the Kazakhstani project on implementation of Lesson Study approach in secondary schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Besides the trainers of the Center, employees of the Regional State Budgetary Institution of Additional Professional Education «Altai Regional Institute for Advanced Training of Educators», who arrived on an exchange visit to the Center, took part in the workshop. The teachers of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools of the city of Astana also joined the workshop.

During the workshop, the participants got acquainted with the culture of the Japanese model of Lesson Study, the methods of conducting the research of the lesson, the rules for observing and transcribing the lesson. The methods of data collection, time history, seating of observers were actively discussed.

Within the framework of the visit to Kazakhstan, Toshiya Chichibu is going to visit Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, the International School and two secondary schools (school-lyceum No. 72 of Astana city and Economic Lyceum), where the lessons will be observed and discussion with teachers will be held.

The cooperation of the Center with Toshija Chichibu began in 2013. Within three months that year, Toshiya Chichibu conducted practical workshops and trainings on the implementation of Lesson Study for Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools teachers and teachers of secondary schools in 11 regions of the country. As a result of this work, jointly with the staff of the Center, a «Handbook for teachers on implementation Lesson Study» was published.

The international conference on research lesson study took place in september 3-5

The conference brought together practitioners and researchers from around the world in order to share their knowledge, understanding and experience in conducting LESSON STUDY, as a form of research-based practice.

The conference was a really international event for researchers, university teachers, school teachers, legislators, since they could share their knowledge with each other. The conference was attended by over 500 delegates from 39 countries. Various sessions were divided by themes, such as learning in school, primary school; special needs and inclusive education; a wide range of educational development within LESSON STUDY.

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Center of Excellence has become a council member of WALS

24 of November 2015 within an annual International conference of World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS) Center of Excellence AEO «Nazarbayev Intellectual schools» has become a council member of WALS.

Since the implementation of the In-Service training programme for the pedagogic staff of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2012) Kazakhstani schools have been implementing, founded in Japan, Lesson study. Lesson Study as a tool for professional learning is now practiced in many countries and it has helped schools around the world develop into learning communities.
24 of November 2015 within an annual International conference of World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS) Center of Excellence AEO «Nazarbayev Intellectual schools» has become a council member of WALS. WALS (The World Association of Lesson Studies) http://walsnet.org/ aims to promote and advance the research and practices focused on Lesson Studies in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning. It provides a platform for research collaboration, mutual assistance and information exchange among its members. It is made up of educational researchers and teaching professionals committed to the improvement of the quality of learning.